Queenstown House Digital Marketing & Website

Queenstown House is a boutique bed and breakfast based in Queenstown. As part of the Regional Business Partners programme, Queenstown House approached Squid Group needing help with their Digital strategy to market to a domestic audience. With such a beautiful location, and so many potential collaboration opportunities, we developed a unique strategy to build their online presence.

Adaptable Digital Marketing

The majority of customers that Queenstown House was getting were from overseas travellers, which is why we had to refocus. With the Covid19 pandemic, Squid Group worked with Queenstown House to create a domestic strategy and used Facebook and Google advertising to reach a domestic audience. We also suggested that they work with local providers to create all-inclusive packages. The promotion of these resulted in increased visitation and bookings to the website. 

Recently Queenstown House has worked with Squid Group to launch a second boutique property known as 'Queenstown House Lakeside'. Working with Squid Group for videography, we captured video of both Queenstown House Lakeside and also Queenstown House with one full day of filming.

This resulted in 15’ and 45’ videos which have been used to market the boutique accommodation on Facebook. 

Marketing Statistics we are proud of

  • New Website Users: 301% increase
  • Page Views: 326% increase
  • Average Session Duration: 56% increase

E-commerce Web Development Integrations

We also built a new website for Queenstown House Lakeside and Queenstown House, giving it a new identity and a refresh while maintaining its character. The new websites and videography has been very well received. 

Queenstown House is currently domestically focussed but is set up and prepared to attract the international audience again once it is able to do so.  

Alongside building a functional website, our team integrated the website with Xero and Preno for all of their booking systems. This ensured they could manage their online bookings across all the different websites including booking.com, direct bookings, Expedia etc.