Animated Videos for Trustees Executors

We love developing fun content for our clients, which engage with customers and provide marketing data to then advertise other services/products. When asked by Trustees Executors about how they should promote their two new offerings, Online Wills and Charitable Foundation , we decided to build two dedicated landing pages alongside some animated assets to explain what each product was.

These digital assets were to be used across all the major marketing platforms including Facebook, YouTube and Google Display Ads.


Why Animated Videos?

We always encourage businesses to use videos in the marketing mix, as it provides additional value to customers, ensuring you can demonstrate what you are selling easily and quickly. The benefit of animation is

  1. They can be planned and created relatively quickly compared to a full video shoot
  2. You can create exactly what you are looking for within an affordable budget.
  3. You are not limited by actors, and for higher budgets you can include both
  4. Text is easier to integrate naturally, showcasing your marketing message both with image and text
  5. Brand colours are easily integrated, building greater brand recognition.
  6. Voice over artists are more affordable
  7. Video assets can then be used across other platforms which only require still imagery
  8. Marketing data from the videos can be used for other campaigns

Social media marketing with video

It is no surprise that results sky rocket when you have interactive content people want to see, and that was obvious with this facebook campaign. Within the first 48hours we saw more conversions as website visitors, knew what to expect when arriving on each landing page for online wills and the charitable foundation.

With dynamic content, we have seen a cost/conversion reduction by more than 15%, alongside a more engaged audience which spends an extra 20seconds on the websites.

Ecommerce Donations Feature

One important feature we wanted to include on the landing page, was the ability to have an ecommerce component which enabled quick and easy donations. This feature meant that we could use social media to drive traffic to the website and encourage website visitors to make a donation instantly.

This custom ecommerce donation widget, provides the required receipt to donors, automating the process, which ensures people can receive their tax credit.