Google Ads Help to Boost Sales

Google Ads is something every business should look at and we are here to help you maximise your Google Ad sales. And, we are here to be at your disposal. Let’s delve into why Google Ads is such an important aspect of marketing.

Why Google Ads?

Google Ads are a great way to get your business in front of potential buyers exactly when they’re looking for what you’re selling.

It’s important to cast your net wisely in the digital ocean so that you land conversion rates that would make any accountant happy. The best approach depends on whether you’re selling products or services, how quickly you want to grow your business, and your budget.

Managing and optimising a high-performing campaign involves time, constant up-skilling, staying in the loop of new updates, and persistent testing. “Set and forget” campaigns won’t give you the results you’re looking for. Which is why your ad campaigns need to adapt regularly for the ever-changing currents where your fish swim.

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The four seahorse-men of Google Ads

The Google Ads space consists of four key advertising oceans: Search, Shopping, Display, and YouTube. Which one(s) you fish in depends on a number of factors (mentioned above). Here are your options in detail.

Google Ads Logo

Google Search Ads

These are text-based advertisements that appear at the top of Google Search Results. They are commonly used to direct users to your landing page(s). These advertisements camouflage themselves in the sea of results making them almost indistinguishable from organic links (links which appear in the search results through standard SEO practices). They simply float above other search results so you get noticed faster. Searchers click on ads as often as organic search results.

Google Ashopping

Google Ads Shopping

These ads place your product images, description and prices directly into the search results above organic links (just like Search ads). Google Shopping ads usually appear before standard Google Search ads because Google wants to create a good user experience to its audience.

Presenting your product visually helps you stand out, leading to higher click rates to your content. Taking help from Google Ads Shopping also ensures greater advertising ROI.

Google Ads Display

Google Display Ads

These are banner ads targeting niche audiences and pages on sites outside of Google. They’re essentially digital billboards that appear on websites that allow Google Display Ads to appear. They also have the potential to repeatedly retarget existing and prospective customers. And they’re a really good way to raise awareness for your brand in a non-invasive way.

YouTube Logo

YouTube Ads

These are branded videos targeted at specific users or content before, during and/or after content creators’ videos. They can appear on YouTube as well as websites that present videos using the YouTube platform. If your ad content resonates with the website owner’s audience, it can be a great way to positively associate your product or brand with them and gain more customers quickly.

How Google Ads Work

Google Ads are optimised by the use of keywords. Keywords are words or phrases tagged to match your ad with relevant terms potential customers are searching for. Choosing relevant keywords that cover both broad and niche areas of your product or service will help your ad campaign reach users that are more likely to turn into conversions.

It’s also important to include keywords such as [your area of expertise] + [city] which can lead to higher conversion rates as a potential customer including a city in their search is in buyer mode and therefore more determined.

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Retargeting with Google Ads' Help

If someone has browsed your website it’s very likely they were interested in your product/service, but they either weren’t ready to buy or your site couldn’t convert them. Just because a visitor didn’t turn into a conversion, it doesn’t mean you’ve lost them. Google Ads and social media such as Facebook and Instagram can be used to leverage each other through retargeting. You can retarget potential customers on another platform with an enticing offer, or simply make them feel familiar with your brand.

Retargeting works by following your visitors around the web, presenting your ads or content to them, to remind them to return to you to make a purchase. This technique is often used with abandoned shopping carts (incomplete sales). Whether you’re a new company or up against big fish, retargeting levels the playing field and is an extremely valuable strategy for turning bounces into conversions.

How Google Ads are tracked

Your Google Ads success can be tracked in two ways:

1. Call tracking.

2. Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics shows you an in-depth analysis of your conversion rates and other important values that you can use to optimise your ad campaigns. This works by including a block of JavaScript code on your webpages. The tracked pages retrieve data about interactions on these pages and send this information to the Google Analytics server. You then view this through your Google Analytics dashboard.

Call tracking

Call tracking is essentially seeing how many people from Google Search Results engage with your Call To Action (CTA) button.

Call tracking can show you how many calls you’re getting from the ad, how many were answered, what areas calls are coming from, and how many minutes the calls last on average.

At Squid Group we can help you expertly implement conversion goals and set up Google Tag Manager to ensure your website is built for success with metrics you can understand.

Refresh your Online Bait with a Little Help from Google Ads

By taking advantage of evolving technologies and making constant changes, we can manipulate the advertising algorithms to show your ad campaigns to a whole new school of fish. The bigger your bait bucket (budget), the more fish you’ll reach and hook.

Our customers know that we’re professional fishermen and can use all our best tools in our fishing tackle to ensure your ads are fresh, unique and optimised, to help you stand out in the reef.