Multi-lingual Website Development

Limitless Black is a premium travel company which provides exclusive tours to people traveling from Asia and Europe around New Zealand. They provide experiences like no other company in New Zealand, from private snow helicopter tours to world class catering from some of New Zealands most renowned chefs.

When Limitless Black came to us wanting to target the chinese market we knew exactly what they needed to bring a premium website to life.

Multi-lingual Website

It was very important when developing this website we provided a platform to enable easy translation of english content to mandarin, ensuring search engines like Google, Baidu and Bing were able to read the website effectively. To do this we used SilverStripes multi-site function where we enabled easy navigation for both viewers and the management team for uploading new content.

Blogging Functionality

When designing the website, the blog was one of the most important features where the web design process ensured easy contact. As their services are so vast, it was important that the business could write articles in house which people could ready and enquire directly about after reading.

To enable this, we created a custom form, which sits comfortably next to each article with everything needed to get started with a private tour in New Zealand.