Sink or Swim Podcast

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About Sink or Swim

Sink or Swim isn't your typical business podcast.

We cater to the ambitious - the entrepreneurs, athletes, and risk-takers who understand that success demands full immersion. Here, we delve into the high-stakes world where going all-in is the only option.

Podcasts are led by Laurence Carey, who started his first business when he was 16, where he now runs a marketing agency based in New Zealand.

Each episode, we navigate the choppy waters of:
Business ventures: Unmask the realities of starting and scaling a business. Learn from the triumphs and struggles of marketing agency owners and other industry leaders.
The athlete's mindset: We chat with national-level triathletes and other elite athletes who have pushed their limits to achieve greatness. Discover their training regimens, mental strategies, and the grit it takes to win.
The risk and reward: We tackle the unnerving truth that to achieve extraordinary things, you have to be willing to take extraordinary chances.
Marketing Challenges: Learn what is changing in the world of marketing and ways you can ensure you are not left behind in the digital world.

Sink or Swim is your companion if you're ready to:
Embrace the entrepreneurial spirit: Learn from the successes and failures of those who dared to chase their dreams.
Develop unwavering resilience: Discover how athletes cultivate mental toughness and translate it to business challenges.
Navigate the unknown: Gain valuable insights and strategies for overcoming obstacles and emerging victorious.

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The Power of Trademarks with Nico De Jong

In this episode we delve into the intriguing world of trademarks with Nico De Jong from Loft Legal!

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, marketer, or just curious about intellectual property, this episode provides valuable insights on how to protect and enhance your brand.

Surfing & Psychedelics In a Corporate World

In this episode I speak with Bourne Buirski a FMCG leader, who opens up about his mental health and how he has overcome some of his challenges.

It is no secret, psychedelics have been used for generations, but with increased research their uses are becoming more popular in a mainstream environment.

We go deep into the importance of balance and how it provides better outcomes for both staff and businesses.