Shapeshifter New Music Launch - Runaway & Crystal Eyes

Generating awareness and plays on Spotify, YouTube & Apple Music

This case study examines the digital marketing campaigns implemented to generate plays on both YouTube and Spotify for Shapeshifter's songs, "Runaway" and "Crystal Eyes."

The primary objective of the campaigns was to increase song plays on these platforms and encourage listeners to add the songs to their liked songs on Spotify and Apple Music.

The campaigns targeted audiences in New Zealand (NZ), Australia, and globally, utilizing YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram as the main advertising channels.

Both videos showcase something different where "Crystal Eyes" was created using AI technology by Asher Wolff.

Campaign Strategy:

  1. Targeted Platforms: The campaigns focused on YouTube and Spotify as the primary platforms for promoting the songs. YouTube was used to showcase the official music videos, while listeners were directed to a page where they could choose where to save or stream the songs repeatedly.

  2. Audience Segmentation: The campaigns segmented the target audience into NZ, Australia, and a global audience. This segmentation was based on the band's existing fan base, the songs' potential appeal to these regions, and the goal of expanding their reach globally. We used a range of target audiences through provided data and Squid data.

  3. Creative Assets: The campaigns utilized visually engaging creative assets, including the official music videos hosted on YouTube, to capture the attention of the target audience. The videos were designed to reflect the band's unique style and resonate with their fan base, encouraging viewers to listen to the songs repeatedly on streaming platforms.

  4. YouTube Advertising: YouTube served as the central platform for promoting the Shapeshifter music videos. The campaigns leveraged TrueView ads on YouTube, allowing viewers to skip the ads after a few seconds. This strategy ensured that the band's target audience had the opportunity to engage with the content organically if they chose not to skip the ads.

  5. Spotify Advertising: The campaigns utilized Spotify's advertising capabilities to increase song plays and encourage listeners to add the songs to their liked songs. This included audio ads, sponsored playlists, and targeted placements to reach the intended audience on the streaming platform.

  6. Facebook and Instagram Advertising: In addition to YouTube and Spotify, Facebook and Instagram were used to drive engagement and direct users to the music videos and streaming platforms. Various ad formats, such as sponsored posts, stories, and carousel ads, were employed to showcase snippets of the music videos and promote the songs on Spotify and Apple Music.

Campaign Execution:

  1. Targeted Ad Placement: Advertisements were strategically placed on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and Apple Music to maximize visibility among the target audience in NZ, Australia, and globally. Ad placements considered users' demographics, interests, and online behavior to optimize the campaigns' reach and effectiveness.

  2. Ad Copy and Messaging: Compelling headlines, descriptions, and clear calls-to-action were used in the ad copy to entice viewers to engage with the content and listen to the songs repeatedly on streaming platforms. The messaging emphasized the songs' unique qualities, such as their catchy melodies, captivating lyrics, and the band's reputation in the music industry.

  3. Performance Tracking and Optimization: Key performance indicators (KPIs), including song plays, engagement metrics, and conversion rates (such as users adding the songs to their liked songs), were continuously monitored throughout the campaigns. This data was used to optimize the campaigns, refine targeting parameters, and allocate the budget effectively.

Results and Outcomes:

  1. Increased YouTube and Spotify Plays: The campaigns successfully generated a significant increase in both YouTube views for the music videos and plays on Spotify for both "Runaway" and "Crystal Eyes." The videos gained traction among the band's existing fan base, while targeted advertising efforts attracted new viewers and listeners to the songs.

  2. Enhanced Engagement: The campaigns' creative assets and compelling messaging resulted in heightened user engagement. Users actively liked, commented on, and shared the music videos across social media platforms, creating buzz and driving more listeners to stream the songs on Spotify and Apple Music.

  3. Geographic Reach: The targeting strategy effectively reached the intended audiences in NZ, Australia, and beyond. The campaigns' global reach expanded Shapeshifter's fan base and increased the songs' exposure internationally.

  4. Improved Liked Songs and Playlist Adds: The campaigns successfully encouraged listeners to add the songs to their liked songs on Spotify and Apple Music. By highlighting the songs' appeal and leveraging targeted placements, users were more likely to include the songs in their personal playlists, extending their longevity and potential for continued plays.

  5. Strengthened Brand Awareness: The campaigns significantly increased brand awareness for Shapeshifter, with the songs and music videos receiving recognition within the music industry and among music enthusiasts. The campaigns' efforts solidified Shapeshifter's position as a reputable band and contributed to their overall brand growth.

Video Creation by Asher Wolff

The music video for "Crystal Eyes" was created using AI technology by Asher Wolff. The video utilized innovative AI techniques to enhance the visual experience and connect scenes that aligned with the music. The video showcased artistic visuals, blending elements of reality and fantasy, creating a captivating and immersive visual representation of the song's essence.

The use of ai. for this was very interesting as it took time to create, where it the creation of the video happened 24/7 in the background. As this happened, each day you could watch the video and it was different as it ai. would change segments throughout the song.


Through strategic digital marketing campaigns focused on YouTube and Spotify, Shapeshifter successfully generated increased plays for their songs, "Runaway" and "Crystal Eyes."

By targeting audiences in NZ, Australia, and globally, and emphasizing engagement on streaming platforms, the campaigns not only drove song plays but also encouraged listeners to add the songs to their liked songs on Spotify and Apple Music.

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