Should we rename and rebrand?

We were approached by Stellaria to look at their current brand and provide a case on if they should look to rename to The Clay Collective. At first glance it made sense to rename as their primary business is clay and porotherm clay bricks, however we soon became aware of the other areas of their business which made the process more complex.


Designing 4 new logos

To assist Stellaria in this process we developed four brand concepts which demonstrated the following ideas:

  1. A timeless, pared back logomark that has a touch of European class and precision.

  2. A logomark that is full of distinct typographic characters, a reflection of your unique and specialty products
  3. A bold logomark that speaks visually to brick systems - inspired by the Mondrian painting grid.

  4. A minimalist logomark, inspired by traditional brick stamping.


Focus on the brand colour pallet

Once we finished the first design concepts we then provided an updated colour pallet to ensure they had clear brand guidelines with the proposed change in branding. 

It was important to the brand to show a contemporary and impactful colour palette that had a touch of class. Ensuring we created a bold and passionate yet composed style.


So did Stellaria rebrand?

After working through all of these design concepts, we worked with the client on deciding if a brand change was required...

There was a range of things to consider including if the other areas of their business would fit under this new brand name 'Clay Collective'. It was decided to stay with Stellaria as they were seeing consistent growth in areas of their business which were not 'clay' focussed eg. flooring, Argelite and e4 projects.

So for now, Stellaria has remained unchanged yet updated their website to showcase some values brought froward through this branding exercise.