May 7, 2020

Regional Business Partner Network

Proud to be a Regional Business Network Partner.

Thanks to New Zealand’s generous government, an additional $25 million has been allocated toward supporting businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic. This means eligible businesses can get access to the help needed to not only swim safely through the strong currents of change, but for your business to thrive once we row out the other side. Eligible businesses can access this program fully funded (at no cost to them) up to $5,000 value.

Squid Group is proud to be associated with efforts to help Kiwi businesses change and grow post-pandemic by putting in the groundwork now. We’re offering the following workshops online via Zoom or in person for businesses located in Auckland.

Type of workshops

Squid Group offers services that are registered with the COVID-19 Business Advisory Fund. Depending on each businesses needs, the amount allocated will vary according to the 'Growth Advisors' recommendations. Squid Group therefore has no input on the voucher amount provided to each business.

Type of Squid workshops.

Website Strategy Workshop.

Build your digital ocean! This workshop will provide the structure needed to evolve your current website, or understand the requirements to make your business digital friendly. We will discuss different technologies available to simplify repetitive tasks and reduce costs. 

We will run an initial needs analysis to understand your business (1.5hours), we will then analyse what is best suited for the business and present a solution for the business. 

Following this the business will have 
1. Revised/new sitemap for the website 
2. Breakdown of technologies recommended to ensure their website is ready for growth and success digitally 
3. Story board for the type of imagery and branding for the business 
4. Recommended digital marketing strategies to compliment the website eg. Facebook, Google Ads You’ll swim away with invaluable knowledge and processes that you can apply for the short and medium term. 

Contact us about our Website Strategy Workshop 

Branding & Storytelling Workshop.

This is a workshop for business owners or marketing professionals to get a better understanding of their brand. We will help build a unique and solid brand identity to ensure you have a clear structure for ongoing success as your business grows. 

Knowing what you stand for will help you stand out. By the end of this you will understand your company 
- Values 
- Purpose 
- Mission 

This workshop has three stages 
1. Needs analysis and breakdown of the business. 
2. Analysis of information and a clear strategy for how the brand will be positioned in the market. This will include some brand concepts and information to identify the brand. 
3. presentation of information and overview of how we recommend the brand story to be portrayed in the market. 

The deliverables from this will vary depending on what is required from the client. These deliverables are likely to include the following 
- Basic brand story 
- 3 brand/logo concepts 
- Go to market strategy 

The business will need to spend 2hours in a needs analysis and a 1hour presentation meeting to showcase the results. 

Contact us about our Branding & Storytelling Workshop 

Marketing Planning Workshop.

This process enables you to understand what is required to build a marketing plan and the necessary steps to ensure a marketing agency can deliver what you are wanting. We will teach you what a contractor or agency like Squid Group requires to save time and therefore our clients money in the long term. 

The workshop is flexible and can focus on overcoming COVID-19 or educate on how to build a marketing plan which can adapt each year according to your business goals. 

Our primary focus is to improve your businesses digital marketing planning, however we can include other forms of marketing used including radio, print, digital and events. 

This is 100% planning and no design outcomes are achieved. 

The business will need to spend 1hour in a needs analysis with a potential 1hour call after the information has been reviewed. The business will then have a short 45minute presentation to showcase the marketing plan and assets to use on future marketing. 

Businesses will walk away with a clear breakdown of how to make the most from their marketing and where their money is best spent to grow which will include 
- Simple brief template to use when requesting work from a contractor or agency 
- Content marketing calendar (basic) 
- Recommended marketing tools and budgets 
- Recommended changes to their current marketing 
- Basic budgets for different platforms 
- information on specific technologies relevant to the business or requested technologies 

Contact us about our Marketing Planning Workshop

Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop.

A half-day workshop which will provide an understanding of your business and its competitive advantage. This is a workshop for businesses looking at understanding how they can become a digital business. 

After this workshop you will have a clear understanding of what platforms are best suited to your goals, audience and time-frame. We will discuss
- Websites and what is required to be digital 
-Technologies to ensure you enable staff and remove repetitive tasks for daily routines 
- Marketing platforms best suited to your business, demographic 
- tips for how to make the most from your brand and assets you can use online to reduce costs 
- Content marketing and the different ways this can be used online/digitally 

This workshop can happen online via zoom if you are located outside of Auckland, however we prefer to meet in person when possible. 

At the end of this workshop, you will have a clear blueprint on how best to market your products/services online and make the most of all digital tools at our disposal. Squid Group will provide the following deliverables 
- Recommendations on what technologies should be introduced and/or removed from their business 
- Digital marketing platforms and spends to reach the desired results 
- Website recommendations to ensure after the workshop they have the ability to grow and generate greater results from their online presence

Contact us about our Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop 

Social Media Strategy Workshop.

In this workshop you will get a detailed breakdown on how to stand out and make your business impactful in the social media world. 

We start with a 1hour needs analysis to understand your business. We will then review your business and build a recommended strategy and run a 1.5hour workshop to guide you through Facebook & Instagram ads whilst showing the variety of ad options available across the different social media platforms eg. LinkedIn, SnapChat, TikTok etc. 

During this time we will ensure your website is setup with all the necessary tracking tools and conversions to clearly understand what your social media advertising is achieving. 

After the workshop you will understand 
- What your website requires to track results 
- How to create a Facebook/Instagram Ad and what is best suited to your business 
- Recommended Budgets & Graphics/Designs for Ads 

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Eligibility criteria for businesses:
  • Be a privately owned business or a Māori Trust / incorporation under the Te Ture
  • Have fewer than 100 full-time equivalent employees
  • Be GST registered in New Zealand
  • Have a New Zealand Business Number
  • Be operating in a commercial environment
  • Have undergone an assessment with a Regional Business Partner Growth Advisor.

 To enrol in one (or more) of our workshops, get in touch with a Squid.