Jun 27, 2024

Wise Wool | Fifth Generation Company Need For Change

We caught up with Angus Hansen from Wise Wool to dive deep into a fascinating conversation with a leader from Wise Wool, a pioneering force in the wool industry. Our guest sheds light on how this fifth-generation family business is shaking up the traditional wool market and creating significant value for New Zealand farmers.

In this episode, we explore the journey of Wise Wool, starting from its humble beginnings to becoming a forward-thinking enterprise that controls the entire supply chain from farm to finished product. Learn how Wise Wool is tackling the challenges of the wool industry, where farmers have long faced declining returns and escalating costs.

Discover how they are adding value to raw wool and ensuring that profits stay within New Zealand, benefitting local farmers and the community.We delve into the innovative processes employed by Wise Wool, such as nonwoven textiles used in high-end bedding and furniture.

Our guest shares insights into the company’s strategic focus on sustainability, transparency, and quality, which sets them apart in a competitive market. From handling the raw wool to exporting premium products to Australia and Indonesia, Wise Wool's comprehensive approach ensures a consistent and superior product.

Angus and his guest also discuss the importance of adapting to market demands, the role of government support, and the potential for future expansion into new markets like the United States. With personal anecdotes about surfing adventures and the occasional mishap at Bunnings, this episode offers a delightful blend of business acumen and light-hearted banter.

Whether you’re passionate about sustainable practices, curious about the inner workings of the wool industry, or simply looking for an inspiring business story, this episode is a must-listen. Join us to uncover how Wise Wool is revolutionizing a centuries-old industry and making a global impact from the heart of New Zealand.