Aug 7, 2020

Why Is Google Search Console Important

What is it and who should use it? 

If you’ve never heard of Google Search Console (GSC) this is a free service from Google which offers tools that help you to monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site's presence in Google Search results. It's the perfect service for website owners, SEO professionals, marketers, designers, developers and more to gain insight on how they are performing on Google Search. 

With GSC you will be able to access helpful information on search appearance, search traffic, crawl data, technical status updates and more. 

Five Reasons To Use GSC

Google Search Console may not be a necessity but here are five good reasons why we recommend you get started with this service today!

1. Ensuring your content marketing aligns with Google

Google uses a web crawling bot (googlebot) to compose a Content Keywords Report. This report is produced by GSC and allows you to learn the most commonly found keywords on your site. Going forward with this info content writers can cross analyse how similar their intended content marketing is to the way the Googlebot interpreted all the words across their entire website. 

When creating ads you probably came up with your own list of prioritised keywords that represent your brand accurately and efficiently. Now is the time where you want to be checking that the list the googlebot provided and your list have the same high/low intended significance. If this is not the case it’s probably time to spruce up your written content to make it more to how you envision your brand.  

You might also want to check out google adwords ad campaign which uses keywords that link to your target audience and product, that when searched in google would be appropriate to display your ad on the sidebar. Read more 

2. Searching your SEO

Search engine optimization can be kept in check using Google’s tool Search Analytics. What this tool does is allows you to learn exactly how many times your website appears in Google search results. More specifically you can look into when and where this web traffic is coming from and create plans to maintain and increase it. 

Search Analytics is one of the most used sections in Google Search Console and this should come as no surprise when stress free way to evaluate their websites search performance. 

3. Making sure you stay mobile friendly 

Google Search Console provides a Mobile Usability Report which shows how compatible your site is with mobile phones and highlights areas that could use improvement. It does this by specifically pointing out sn issues that are affecting your site and how many pages contain the issues. With this knowledge you can explore ways to make your site more mobile friendly. 

4. Syncs with Google Analytics 

Google Analytics tracks and reports website traffic and if you don’t already use it for your website we highly suggest you read our article about why it’s so useful. Read More About Google Analytics 

Google Search Console goes hand in hand with Google Analytics and both can be synced together so that you can view your GSC data within your Google Analytics reports. They are probably sounding very similar to you but the distinct differences are that while GA gives you the total number or interest for a keyword across the entire web, GSC gives you the most commonly used words on your site. The other difference is that while GA will tell you if leads are being converted, GSC will provide reasons as to why or why not.

5. Find and Index

Google defines crawling as, “the process by which Googlebot discovers new and updated pages to be added to the Google index”. Google index is very much like an index in a library except it lists websites. Googlebot will visit your website and find all the new and updated pages and then add them to the Google index. 

These crawlers are super useful to website managers as they can show you any error that occurred when accessing your page. With this kind of knowledge you can make sure your users have the best website experience possible. 

The crawlers also provide statistics on how often your pages are crawled and their loading times, this again will help you improve the performance of your website. 


Google Search Console is another handy tool to ad to your set that is easy to use and absolutely free. It successfully links with google analytics for the best tracking and reporting on how your website is operating from the user's perspective. With this knowledge you have a better chance of increasing your return on investment.