Mar 15, 2022

What is the difference between CRO and SEO and how they both can benefit your business

You have launched your website - now what?

Creating a website for your business is the start but how do you drive potential customers to visit? 

This is where effective SEO services (Search Engine Optimisation) and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) come in.

What is SEO and CRO

SEO: The focus is on the search side and prompting traffic to your website.

CRO: This is where traffic is converted,  by encouraging people to take action eg. sign up for newsletter or fill in a contact form.

Benefits of CRO and SEO


SEO has the advantage of helping your sites position in search results, which leads to higher traffic for your website. Sites that are not positioned right, have limited chance of conversions and revenue. Alos, SEO is cost effective as there is no charge to use it. 

Key advantages of SEO are the positive impact it has on your brand and a way to gain this is by having a higher ranking in Google search, this will show your customers they can trust your brand. Websites that have faster loading times, efficient keywords and range of content will rank higher in Google searches.

SEO also improves user engagement, if your site is ranked high in Google Search due to quality and content then this will ensure that users continue to browse your website. This leads to more ROI (Revenue On Interest) and conversions. Having customers engage more with your website can often lead to connection with your brand and loyal customers which in turn increases more long term revenue.


CRO has the advantage of giving a business the chance to test out changes made to their website and review how these changes track. CRO allows you to trial a change and through data analysis see how customers feel about that change. 

For example, if you were to change a color of text on a page based off positive data analysis through CRO, you have an advantage of knowing this change has done well with users. The uncertainty of making changes without any idea if they will do well, is a thing of the past. 

CRO is also cost effective for your business as over time the tests taken to make efficient changes to your website can potentially create new leads which creates revenue. This is a process that builds over time but is still worthwhile for your business.  

One key advantage is the ability to learn more about what users prefer. By performing CRO on your website you can find out what features customers are using and what is not working. This ensures you can adapt the website to suit your customers needs and what drives the majority of conversions.  

Overall, the best benefit of CRO is that it gives you a chance to be efficient in the face of new trends or marketing visions which means you can test it out on your site immediately compared to what you know already works then monitor if it will benefit your business. If it does, you can then implement it after.

How can SEO and CRO work together for your website?

SEO and CRO are both beneficial separately but together they compliment the other. SEO efficiently drives traffic to your website, whereas CRO keeps them there. Implementation of both effective SEO and CRO can have a positive impact on your business site. 

To put it simply, SEO strives to extend the standard and number of traffic to your website CRO strives to extend the Standard and number of conversions on your website.

In other words you can’t have an effective SEO without an effective CRO. 

Key examples are if your website is not set up correctly with the right search focus then your SEO will not work. A way to improve is through CRO, which can help with insight into what conversion works, this leads to better search optimization.

 If you would like some assistance in SEO and/or CRO?

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