Jul 9, 2021

Social media best practice for small businesses

Social media has become a huge part of our lives. It’s not just for big companies any more – small businesses are making the most out of social media too. Here are some best practices that you can use to get started with your company’s own social media campaign:


Create and maintain an active profile on your chosen social media platforms

Create an account that is unique to your company and make it easy for people to find you. Include a short description of what your business does, where the office space is located, the hours they can come in for service or purchase items, etc. You may also want to include pictures of products as well, which will help people understand what you do and what they can expect.

This will in return help people get to your landing page. If you have a strong value proposition, and a good offer with proper call to actions, your social media activity will be a major catalyst to helping you get clients.

You might think, is a landing page necessary for your business? It really depends on your marketing, but if you rely on digital marketing, a landing page is crucial. We explain this in more depth in our landing page article.


Engage in conversation by commenting on other people's posts and sharing content from others

Often, businesses don't take the time to interact with their followers or social media users in their area. Take the time to engage in conversation by commenting on other people's posts and sharing content from others. You'll get a sense of what they're interested in, which is always important when it comes to marketing your business.

If you’re more old fashion, this of this as a new way of networking at networking events. Except this can be done 24/7, so you have no excuse of not taking action.


Use hashtags like #smallbusiness or #SMB to connect with other SMBs online

Having a network of other small business owners  to share ideas with is always a good idea. Use hashtags like #smallbusiness or #SMB to connect with other SMBs online will give you an opportunity to connect with others, and see how you can give value to each other.

One of the best ways of getting sales is through referrals, and if you're able to land that one business relationship that turns into a partnership, your sales can increase almost overnight.


Always use call to action to get engagement

There is so much saturation on social media, often readers and followers fall into a 'zombie state' where they are unconsciously engaging with the content, but not taking any action. Something as simple as a question or encouragement can wake them up and boost your visibility through their engagement (a comment, like, or a link click through).


Try to get into a new social media platform

Every few years, there is a new big social media that takes youngsters by the storm. Remember when Facebook was only for University students? Well, imagine if you started creating Facebook content back in 2009, when the organic reach was amazing.

While it is a very long term game, it's one way to guarantee free traffic - even if you think your audience is not on the platform.

The latest example of this is TikTok. It's been around since 2016, and slowly, businesses are using it. While massive companies like Red Bull and Dunkin' Donuts use it to engage with the community and make challenges with hashtag campaigns, there is more and more small businesses using the platform.

What preforms especially well is small businesses that show behind the scenes of their production or craft. For example, if you look at the Moona.io TikTok profile, you will see that despite the service being B2B, the engagement is doing quite well, at 8% like to view ratio.

Always look for innovative ways to appear on new platforms, or use new features from already established social media.