Apr 13, 2020

Should I focus on marketing data or sales?

Should I focus on data or sales?

The way businesses are leveraging marketing platforms at the moment is changing, economic spend has shrunk and people are becoming more cautious with their disposable income... So what does this mean for business?

No-one should understand your product or service as well as your own business, but are you thinking about what your buyers see? Do they need this now? Can they use your services/products during a pandemic? It is so important that business owners and marketers understand what they are selling, as they may have alternative products which are more relevant then their traditional services. Therefore, we are seeing a huge increase in brand awareness campaigns which enable marketers to build audiences and client personas whilst building their databases.

Data is king!

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram provide phenomenal data for marketers and it is critical when using these platforms over the next three months you build campaigns for future success. This means you need to demonstrate clear brand messages which resonate with specific people, either driving database growth or enabling future campaigns to resonate with those who have clearly engaged with your different advertising campaigns.

Facebook and Instagram have a few technical tools which can be handy in doing this, especially if you are using video content outlined below. The first step however is to ensure you are producing interesting content which people want to engage with.

  • 10sec+ video viewers: this is invaluable as anyone who has watched your video for longer than 10seconds is clearly interested and will be more likely to convert when ready to purchase
  • Connections: Advertising to the friends and family of those engaged with your posts and page ensure you have credibility.
  • Landing Page Views & Conversions: If you are driving people to your website, you want to know who is staying on your website and engaging with your product/services. If they are not converting, then ensure you are capturing this data via the Facebook pixel.
  • Lookalike & Retargeting: This is one of the most important tools as it enables you to build audiences according to specific website visitors and their interests on your website.

In order to get the most from your marketing it is critical you use Facebook Ads, and do not just ‘boost your posts. Although this is a convenient option, you will lack the functionality and data insights of a facebook ad.

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