Jul 9, 2021

Secrets to a Google (Search) Campaign

When hearing the term Google Adwords Ad Campaign you may find yourself wanting to pass on this opportunity because it is a bit of a mouthful! But in simple terms all this really means is providing keywords that link to your target audience and product, that when searched in google would be appropriate to display your ad on the sidebar. We can make it even more simple again by comparing it to the tags on social media posts or used for explaining the genre of an eBook. 

The Steps to begin with first

  • Select your target audience, keywords and other parameters based on the data Google Analytics provides. If you’re unsure of Google Analytics Click Here
  • When advertisers have this info they can use it to submit their ads to Google alongside a list of keywords that relate to their products, services and business. 
  • Now when Google users search one of the keywords provided an ad will be displayed on the Search engine result pages on the sidebar. (Google charges the advertisers on a per-click basis). 

Now for Squids secrets to success

Let’s look into all the simple steps that could improve the results from your Google Adwords Ad Campaign! 

Question your advertising 

Begin by reconsidering what you wish to achieve for your business from advertising and marketing. This is to help gain perspective on how to structure your Adwords account for the best results in response to your businesses goals. It’s clear that you will need advertising but to ensure you deliver your campaign correctly ask yourself the following:

  • Why does our business need advertising
  • What elements of our business need to be advertised e.g services, products, brand
  • Does our business need eCommerce exposure
  • How much advertising and marketing do we need
  • Do we need advertising for leads
  • Why do we need Adwords? How will we use it to our advantage?

Aiming at the correct target

It may be difficult to define who the correct audience for your product and/or services are. This is where Google analytics comes in as the best friend your business has always needed. This tool allows you to identify your current audience and your potential audience. After this you can look into their online behaviour which helps in making decisions around how your campaign can be made more personal and appropriate to your target. (Read more about how to optimise google analytics)

Use Keyword Planner

Google also offers a built-in Google Keyword planner that acts as a guide for choosing the right keywords for your campaign as well as view the competition for the same or similar keywords in the present market. Picking the correct words for your campaign is essential because the services provided by Google Adwords is dependent on what you initially supply. This is why we would highly recommend using a combination of the keyword planner and Google Analytics to create a confident list of words that won’t limit what you can do later. 

Understanding the term Cost Per Click 

Cost per click (CPC) is how Google Ad Campaign charges for the use of this service. In simple terms for every click made by users when they search for a particular keyword a charge will be made to your business. This is why it is important to know what the cost per click is going to be so that you can plan for a budget that will cover the interest in your ads made by current and potential audience. 

Campaign Creation

Creating your ad is the most important part of this entire campaign process so it is crucial that you can create an ad that draws in your audience. Here are some tricks to help you do just that!

1. Use Timers

2. Use Symbols

3. Use Ad Extensions 

Landing Page delivery 

The landing page sometimes also referred to as a "lead capture page", "static page", or a "destination page", is a single web page that appears in response to your online advertisement which appeared after someone searched for your predefined keyword. 

 This page is the first visible page after a user clicks on your ad and is therefore the best place to convert leads. This is why it is so important to ensure this page has high traffic and a low loading time. 

 On top of this you want the page to be readable and to stand out, it may even be worthwhile looking at digital marketing companies as well as into personalised website design. 

Start Succeeding 

Now that you understand Google Adwords and how to create a campaign the next step naturally is to jump straight into it. But before doing that revise the steps above so that you can optimise the tools Google Ad Campaign offers. Really focus on who your business is at its core and what message you wish to display in all areas of marketing, this is the key to success.