Apr 29, 2024

Naomi Reynolds From One NZ | GBR Tri-athlete, Rebranding Vodafone and McDonalds Sponsorship

In this episode of Sink or Swim we dive into the dynamic world of corporate rebranding and athletic excellence with Naomi Reynolds!

Join us as we explore Naomi's journey from representing Great Britain in triathlons to spearheading sections of the iconic rebrand of New Zealand telco giant, Vodafone to One New Zealand.

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Discover the intricacies of transitioning a well-known brand from red to green, and gain insights into the strategic partnerships forged along the way, including their approach to event sponsorships. Naomi also discusses her work at McDonald's where they partnered with Emirates Team New Zealand, during the Americas Cup in Auckland.

From navigating challenges to defining non-negotiables, this episode of Sink or Swim promises a captivating blend of athleticism and business excelence.

Tune in now for an inspiring dose of leadership and transformation!