Jun 3, 2024

Hamish Penny: Getting Angel Investment from Silicone Valley

Join us for an inspiring conversation with Hamish Penny, the entrepreneurial mastermind behind Croptide.

In this episode, we dive into Hamish's journey from a passionate innovator to securing investments from Silicon Valley and top New Zealand investors.

Discover the challenges and triumphs he faced while building his groundbreaking company. But that's not all—Hamish is also an accomplished Ironman athlete. We explore how his dedication and discipline in the world of triathlons translate into his entrepreneurial endeavours.

Whether you're interested in startups, investment strategies, or athletic achievements, this episode offers a wealth of insights and motivation.

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In this episode of Sink or Swim, presented by Squid Group, Hamish Penny, an engineer turned entrepreneur, shares his journey from receiving Angel investment in Silicon Valley to competing in an Iron Man. He discusses how he unexpectedly started Croptide, a company focused on gathering data directly from plants to help growers make better decisions for improved environmental outcomes.

Penney's journey began with a project post-university, which eventually led him into the realm of entrepreneurship. He found a unique opportunity in developing a technology to kill weeds using low-energy electricity, as an alternative to herbicides like Roundup. This initial project sparked the idea for Croptide, which focuses on plant-based sensing technology.

The podcast delves into Penny's experience raising capital for Croptide, including navigating the complexities of securing investment, particularly during uncertain times like the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Penny also shares insights into the challenges and rewards of running a tech startup, emphasizing the importance of resilience, passion, and creativity.

Croptide's team has grown to 12 members spread across New Zealand and the United States, reflecting the company's global reach and collaborative approach. Penny discusses the benefits and challenges of remote work, highlighting the importance of maintaining personal connections and fostering a strong company culture.

Outside of entrepreneurship, Penny enjoys activities like surfing, spearfishing, cycling, and running. He even shares his experience signing up for a full Iron Man competition, showcasing his adventurous spirit and commitment to personal challenges.