Feb 4, 2022

Google rolls out new special User – Friendly features in Mobile Search: Grouping, Carousel, and Count Labels

One benefit of mobile SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is the uniqueness of the layout and who is using the features. Google can provide local search results to the user as location settings allow.

Mobile SERP is ready made for strong user engagement as those with touch screens for example, often have a higher percentage of involvement with their devices.

Mobile SERP user – friendly features are of great benefit especially to Local Businesses as mobile SERP helps connect you to customers. 

The new user - friendly features have been rolled out in English for India and the US, and are still being tested for other languages and countries.

While these new features have been available for a while, it is only recently they have begun to generate buzz.

So, what are the new user friendly features?

Google has rolled out special user-friendly features for mobile SERPs

  • Grouping
  • Carousels
  • Count Labels

Google has always set the standard on user experience in mobile searches. and these new SERP features are an example of that.  


Benefits of Grouping, Carousels and Count labels

Grouping and Carousels

Grouping and carousels enable the users to see grouped results for their searches in a carousel.

For example, Restaurants can be grouped as ‘Group friendly dinning’ ‘Best Dinners’ and ‘Best dinners with kids’.

Here is the videocast with examples of how Google has grouped the search results for the above queries:




Count Labels

Count labels are seen in the reviews section of the SERPs, in the form of number of reviews each user has written.




Count label, “27 barbecue restaurant reviews” with a custom icon, is a great way to appreciate users.


What these future available features mean for your business:

Whether you are a Small Business or large, these new features will attract new users to your company.

Grouping and Carousels:

This feature will group your business by the most common themes in previous customers reviews. When a user searches for your business, they will find you under the most common theme and this will help them in their choices. Also allowing your business to be seen and targeted to potential customers with specific needs and desires.

Count Labels:

The benefits from more relevant customer reviews tailored to businesses of a similar nature. This lets other potential customers know that this reviewer is a regular user of similar businesses and gives their review of your business credibility.

With this knowledge, the future of Google SERP is looking positive for local businesses such as your own.

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