May 8, 2024

Contracts to Creative Rights | Joel Tashkoff Breaks It Down for Musicians

In this podcast, we speak with Joel Tashkoff, one of New Zealand's leading Entertainment Lawyers from Dominion Law. We dive into crucial topics that any musician, model, or band should pay heed to. It's packed with insights that serve as some of the secrets to success in the music and entertainment industry.

From unraveling the intricacies of contract negotiation to deciphering the ownership of your creative assets—whether it's photos, music, or lyrics—we leave no stone unturned. We explore the pivotal decision of whether to pursue an independent path or sign with a label, weighing the pros and cons.

Our conversation goes beyond the surface, delving deep into strategies to safeguard your business and maximize its potential. So, if you're ready to fortify your career and ensure its success, tune in and let's get started on this enlightening journey.

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