Christchurch Web Designers

Website design to achieve business goals.

Whatever your goals, our Christchurch web designers and developers will build a unique website for your business. We are experienced with all major website platforms including Shopify, Silverstripe, Magento and BigCommerce. 

The key to our success is our ability to customise the CMS for each individual business, where depending on budgets we can use a mixture of pre-design templates or custom built to suit your needs. 

Talk to a Squid today about the functionality and flexibility... there are no limits. 

At Squid Group, we have a Christchurch team of web designers that take the time to understand your business model, ensuring you get the best possible result. Whether you require a full rebrand or a website landing page, we can deliver something for everyones budget.

Trust Motors Website Landing Page

What makes our websites different?

As a New Zealand owned business, we understand the importance of being able to easily manage your website inhouse. This is why we have developed a system, that ensures our clients can make changes to their website without the concern of breaking anything.

We specialise in the content management system (CMS) SilverStripe, and also use Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce if suitable for the project. 

Vega Website Design

Web Design Process

At Squid Group, we have a fully digital system, enabling clients to review wireframes and designs from their offices. We also can meet in person, to go through plans on what your business requires to sell online.

Our online design process enables business provide frequent comments and request changes throughout the design and development process, ensuring we are on track and deliver the exact product required.

We understand that businesses differ and that websites may require certain elements to operate or to represent the brand accurately. That’s why Squid web developers take the time to learn about your business, before designing and building a website. 

Whether you are requiring custom integrations with your accounting software, or have specific social media requirements, our Christchurch web designers will tailor make something to suit you.

Limitless Black Web Design v2

Agile Capabilities

SilverStripe has a primary focus on being agile and this is something that is always considered in every software update. Silverstripe operates on the feedback of its users and this is why it works so well. SilverStripe CMS has the ability to facilitate dual collaboration between developers and content authors.

SEO Web Development in Christchurch

We make the process of Web Development stress free and easy to understand. Our Squid focus on SEO and conversion and getting a true feel for your business.

  1. Conversation
  2. Critique
  3. Create

We understand that NZ businesses differ and that all websites may require certain elements to operate or to represent the brand accurately, however it is also important that a website can be found online. That’s why our Auckland Squid web developers take the time to optimise your website and enable quick SEO development. 

We incorporate all of your digital needs when building websites and custom design every website, so that you stand out in the huge online ocean. What’s more is that we even have experienced content writers. 

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World leading website security

It is important to keep yours and your customers information secure as well as all the data you collect. With ever changing privacy regulations, we build our websites with the most strict and secure protocols in place.

Our team specialises in the SilverStripes CMS, which was originally produced for the New Zealand government. The beauty of the Silverstripe CMS, is you can be assured the best security as it has delivered projects like the 2018 Census.