May 19, 2020

Matt Davy the shark joins Squid

We are very excited to welcome the very talented Matt Davy to our team of Squid, who has spent the last 12+ years working in the media industry. Most recently Matt has been at NZME (NZ Media and Entertainment) managing a portfolio of sponsorships for all of the radio and print brands including The New Zealand Herald.

Managing director Laurence has worked with Matt over the last few years, and when he was told Matt was leaving NZME, he jumped at the opportunity to have him join the team. 

"Matt was someone I enjoyed working with and was very structured with his process... he understands marketing and its importance to businesses of all sizes, and will provide a whole new dimension to the team" - Laurence

In Matts previous role, he worked wit business in New Zealand and Australia including NOVA Entertainment in Sydney. Although Matts primary role at Squid will be in the digital space, we will also see him involved with Squid Events where his commercial strategy, event management and experiential development will be invaluable.

So we decided to ask the mohawk man a few questions.

Why Squid?

"Squid stood out to me as a small agency doing great things. I had worked with Laurence in my previous role on the events side and could see the work that he was doing in the marketplace, particularly with helping small businesses to thrive online"

Why do you want to do digital marketing?

"In order to challenge myself and my skill-set, I needed to find an area which was an extension to what I already knew but would give me the opportunity to further learn and to develop... I have always been interested in Digital Marketing and have had a pretty good understanding of how it works, without deep diving into it - but now is a good time to pivot, learn and go all in." 

What kind of clients do you like working with?

"I love to work with all sorts of clients. As I’m passionate about events I definitely can add some expertise in that space.

I also am very keen to help the small-medium businesses that may be struggling at the moment, this is the perfect time to look at your digital strategy and in some cases to ‘reset’ or ‘refresh’ to generate more leads and more revenue for your business moving forward."

Besides working hard, what are your hobbies?

"I love to keep active, and travel when and where I can (perhaps not for a while now). Life is there to be explored and to be enjoyed so I believe in making the most of it.

I also have a passion for events whether that involves attending and participating, or occasionally even running an event myself. I also have a bit of a coffee addiction and can't resist an eggs-bene most weekends."