Dec 2, 2021

Branding a Beauty & Cosmetics Company

There are plenty of companies that don’t have any idea how to tackle their branding efforts. A lot don’t know where to start and what to focus on when they start building up their companies. That’s why we can guide you through your branding journey. Our team helps in transforming businesses through the use of design, marketing, SEO, and branding efforts.

We’ve been in the industry for a while now and we’ve managed to work with dozen of clients from different industries. Our team has always valued all of these collaborations and relationships that we’ve made along the way. Today, we want to highlight a special one as this starts our journey on Clutch’s platform. Being one of the best ratings and reviews websites in the industry, it is a great achievement for us to introduce our debut review on their platform.

A beauty and cosmetics company partnered with us to help with its branding efforts. The client needed our expertise to help drive them forward using different social media platforms. They also tapped us to provide marketing strategies moving forward.

Our collaboration started with a meeting where we discussed the client’s goals, what they wanted to achieve, their products, their company, the current image of the brand, and their target demographics. After that, we proceeded to sort their branding and now they are using the one we proposed on their packaging, business cards, and soon on their online platforms.

When asked what sets our company apart from the competition, here is what the Owner of Beauty Ethics NZ, Georgia Hanley has to say:

“The whole way through our journey Squid Group was totally dedicated to the project. They certainly did their research on our industry and knew exactly what we are trying to achieve. They think outside the square and come up with some amazing ideas that we would not have thought of. They are at the top of their game.”

We are very thankful for these very kind words from our client. Our team appreciates that great feedback! This will continue to fuel our passion in everything we do.

On the other hand, Top Design Firms' latest research revealed that we are among the top web development and design companies on their platform. Check us out today and learn more about us!

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