Marketing Insights

Importance of digital marketing during a global crisis

New Zealand goes into lockdown, we are seeing a growing importance to have a structured digital strategy and presence that clearly represents a brand. The recents events will be a trying time for businesses to succeed or fail, and there is no better time to capture market share and build awareness digitally when people are working from home. 

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What's the difference between a boosted post and a Facebook ad?

Are you using the right type of Facebook advertising? There is a huge difference between a boosted post and a facebook ad, providing greater detail on who you are targeting whilst capturing data and building audiences around key statistics like engagement, video views and or lookalike audiences.

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How to make the most from events in your business

Whether you are hosting clients and staff, sponsoring an event or running a team building exercise, it is important you get the right mix for everyone. We feel businesses usually are looking for three things

  1. Corporate Hosting
  2. Team Building
  3. Brand Awareness & Lead Generation
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Are Landing Pages Necessary?

A landing page is the first impression someone has when they visit your website after clicking a link from Google Search results, an email link, or a referring website. Your landing page needs to set the tone for your brand and persuade the user to follow your breadcrumbs – to viewing other information, opting into an offer, purchasing something, or contacting you.

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