Local SEO Services

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of increasing your website's chances of appearing first on local search engines. This SEO approach is used to target a specific geographic region by using tools relevant to the area in which your store or office is physically located. The more your presence is made aware to Google, the higher your website will rank in the local SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

How to Boost Local SEO

Essentially functioning as behind the scenes marketing, there are multiple local SEO strategies that you can use without website viewers feeling like you’re bombarding them with promotional material. Here are some actionable steps you can take to start developing your subtle yet effective local SEO. 

Google My Business

Boosting Local SEO consists of many elements, but let’s start with Google My Business. GMB is a tool used to authenticate your business, it doesn’t cost a thing and all you need to do is register, verify your account and input your business information. Make sure to include your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number), this is the important information that local searchers will notice. Whatever information you do insert, it needs to be consistent across all of your social platforms, otherwise Google could misunderstand and fail to recognise connections between your media profiles. The more details displayed under your business profile, the more credible your service looks. 

Google Maps

Most website hosting platforms allow you to insert a Google Map somewhere on your site. This will not only show visitors how far away your location is, but if Google can recognise a familiar feature there's a good chance it will reward you for this. Often people search by using the word ‘nearby’, and look at map pins rather than a list of websites. If your location pin along with your business name shows up within their search range, you're one step closer to being one of the leading local services. Nearby searches are increasingly popular on mobiles, especially if on holiday or in any unfamiliar location. Phones are always on us, laptops and desktops not so much. Ensure that your website is mobile friendly, and make it simple to find your NAP (Name, Address and Phone number), as well as any other relevant contact information. If a not-so-tech-savvy person gets frustrated by unnecessary barriers, there's a possibility they will go elsewhere. 

Local Content Marketing

Engaging with your community and publishing local and relatable content is another effective way to boost your SEO locally, either in the form of blogs or social media. When searching for a new business, potential clients want to feel that they can trust you. Showcase your openness and presence by posting and promoting local events, news, and other informative content that website visitors may find valuable. It’s just as important to attend these local events too, whether on behalf of your business or personally. A great opportunity to establish or join networks, although a local charity marathon may not be the time to discuss business, your name will be remembered when the time does come. 

Guest Posting

As important as it is to be consistent with your own blogs, guest blogging on other local websites is also beneficial. In return they might post a guest blog on your website too. This kind of collaboration results in: 

  1. another legitimate source recommending your business which boosts your credibility and authenticity ranking 
  2. an inbound link from your guest blog on another authoritative website back to your own site adds to and grows your linking profile, deeming your business more reliable in local search engines. 

Local business directories

Business directories are another great way and place to market your company. You’ll remember the classic Yellow Pages and White Pages books that you used to find a person’s or business’s contact details , or you used a door stopper, it was that heavy. Well these no longer exist because everything and everyone can be found online. Local business directories can now be refined to niches, and/or locality. 

Neighbourly, Yelp and even the New Zealand Chamber of Commerce are all platforms where you can list your business to enhance your local SEO and credibility ranking. There are also industry specific directories such as Zomato for restaurants and Tripadvisor for travel and accommodation. 

Useful Local SEO Tools

As well as providing free comprehensive learning material about local SEO, Ahrefs offer a paid service to optimise your local SEO for you. They manage site audits, track ranks, explore and report on keyword, backlink and URL effectiveness. You can see the range of SEO tools we recommend in our marketing insights.

MOZ is another resource to explore for yourself what keywords, domains and links are trending through their index data. A full local SEO management system that regularly reviews insights, business profiles, and organic website traffic, while also encouraging social presence, information rich content. 

Local SEO is an efficient way to expand your business within your community. It's an opportunity to have potential customers or clients feel like they can trust you and know what you have to offer before they even step foot in your door.