Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

CRO is a very important part of any digital marketing and SEO strategy, which is why we always review the engagement, bounce rate and heat maps of a website when optimising a website or app.

What is Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)?

CRO is the optimisation of rates at which website features convert viewers into customers. To increase these rates, it is important that consumers have a pleasant and interactive experience when visiting your website and viewing your products and/or services. Their experience can be enhanced by having a website that is easy to navigate, having visible call-to-action features (e.g. subscribe to our newsletter here), and having detailed descriptions about products and services so the consumer can feel confident with what they may potentially purchase. Marketing plays a big part in CRO in that if your name or logo shows up outside of your website, the viewer will feel familiar and safe when engaging with your site. 

CRO and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) are not the same, rather they compliment each other in multiple ways. SEO measures how a user landed on your website whereas CRO analyses the engagement of that user.

How do you measure website marketing conversion rates?

Let's consider each site visit to be a ‘user session’, and each user session is essentially an opportunity to convert a viewer into a customer. 

To calculate your conversion rate results you would divide the number of engagers/purchasers by the number of user sessions. Say 5,500 people visited your website over a period of time and 1,000 of those people engaged with your website (subscribed or purchased something). You would divide 1,000 by 5,500 calculating your conversion rate to be 18%. 

To throw a spanner in the works, sometimes conversion rates can be measured by unique visitors. One user could visit your site 3 times and account for 3 user sessions. In some circumstances it is more beneficial to measure per unique visitor instead of total user sessions, as you are only converting one individual viewer into a customer. 

However you chose to measure your CRO, it is important to stay consistent with your subject of measurement and time periods between (weeks or months).

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Tools for measuring CRO

Conversion rate results can also assist with identifying many other valuable statistics on your website and where any red flags appear. A conversion tunnel is the process of converting a viewer into a customer, the step-by-step method of obtaining what they desire (whether it be a product, service or signing up to something). This conversion tunnel is crucial to the success of CRO, and almost everything in that tunnel can be measured, such as on what page viewers spend the longest, at what stage people exit the site, and what page lacks functionality (if any). 

There are some popular tools/resources for analysing these behavioural insights that could be beneficial and influential to your future marketing. 

Hotjar Flame v2


Using heat maps and user interaction recordings, Hotjar is a leading solution for understanding your website’s user behaviour. They can also incorporate subtle feedback features within your website to provide an opportunity for users to acknowledge (or complain about) the quality and usefulness of the particular webpage. Although this tool does come at a cost, they offer multiple options for personal use, small business, and large agencies. Hotjar is an in-depth resource specific towards CRO and along with most, there will be a period of time before comprehending all of the insights. 

Google Analytics v2

Google Analytics

If you’re an avid Google user, you may be more comfortable with using their analytics service however due to it being such an in-depth resource, it can be difficult to understand initially. On the upside their analytics service is completely free, and you have all the time to learn the craft and interpret the reports without paying a cent. Google Analytics serve a broader purpose in that it measures everything associated with SEO (how the user got there) as well as CRO (how the user engaged). 

ahrefs logo v2


Ahrefs aim to make the world of optimisation and organic ranking easy to understand by the average layman. Whether you’re a junior marketer or a SEO expert, they pride themselves in having tools that can be grasped by anyone. Their service is backed by SEO data and therefore aimed towards optimising search engine results, although in turn, great and trustworthy SEO can lead to great and trustworthy CRO. If you need a service for both, this could be a one stop shop. 

SEMRUSH logo v2


Visibility management company SEMrush originated in the SEO focus and slowly expanded to all things digital marketing. As well as analysing your website data and generating coherent reports, SEMrush also provides recommendations around boosting your online presence, website traffic and landing page interaction. This tool also comes at a cost and the price options account for the broad variety of services they offer. However, as with Ahrefs, this resource relates more towards SEO overall analytics rather than CRO specifically.

Conversion rate optimisation also allows businesses to target and refine their audience. Once audiences are established, businesses came improve their site to suit the right customers and make the most of their loyalty. The structured and systematic analytics are highly advantageous for small and medium businesses when still in the stages of developing their website, however even within large corporations, there is always room for improvement.